Clipboard Wizard


Remove extra formatting during copy and paste operations.


If you copy and paste a lot of text from web pages, or Microsoft Word or Excel, you have probably been annoyed on more than one occasion when the text you paste comes with all the extra formatting, font, color, and table information.

Yes, many applications have a “paste special” option, but why go through the extra step every time? And what about the applications that don’t have that option? Do you paste the data to Notepad first, and then copy it back to paste it in the intended application? Clipboard Wizard is a lightweight application that automatically “cleans” the content of the clipboard and transforms it into plain text (UNICODE).

It can also be used to convert from Linux to Windows Line Breaks in text files.

By automatically modifying the content of the clipboard, it eliminates any extra steps and works well when pasting text into any application. When you no longer need this feature, just close the application and your clipboard is back to its native behavior.

There are no minimum requirements, this application runs fine on Windows XP to 11. It is portable and doesn't need to be installed, just download and run. It does not make any changes to your system or your registry.

Clipboard Wizard is a small utility that allows you to copy and paste large amounts of text from the web, Microsoft Word®, or Excel®. You’ll be able to do away with the hassle of pasted text coming with all that unwanted formatting, fonts, color text, and tables.

While many applications come with “paste special” options, this wizard utility eliminates the extra step of cutting out all the unwanted nonsense. And what do you do with apps that don’t even offer that option, paste data into Notepad first, and copy it back again to the application you want it in.

That’s pretty much standard- but not with Clipboard Wizard. It’s lightweight and automatically cleans your content, transforming it into beautiful and tidy plain text.

Clipboard Wizard eliminates extra steps and works well with any word processor.

How to use

Clipboard Wizard is a lightweight, portable application. It does not need to be installed, just download the executable to a location of your choice, and launch the executable.

There are no extra dependencies, and the application does not rely on heavy frameworks such as .NET.

It does not make any permanent changes to the configuration of your system, nor does it store any data in the Windows registry.
If you no longer need this application, just close the application and delete the executable, there is nothing to uninstall.

If you want this application to run automatically every time you start your computer, just create a shortcut to the executable (or copy the executable itself) in the Windows startup folder, and you are done.

New in Version 1.2.0

  1. Added auto-start feature
  2. Added ability to pause and resume clipboard processing
  3. Added auto-update capability
  4. Added French and Japanese Language support
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