File Hash Checker


Verify a file's MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 signatures.

File Hash Checker

When you download files online, you are provided with a file hash to check the integrity of the file. Rightly or wrongly, most people ignore file hash verification, the assumption being that if the file is malicious, the site owner would realize and take it down. That or their antivirus would stomp out the suspicious download before it executes.

File Hash Checker makes this process easier by allowing you to drag and drop files on this utility, and by comparing the computed hash with values copied in your clipboard.

How to use

File Hash Checker is a lightweight, portable application. It does not need to be installed, just download the executable to a location of your choice, and launch it. There are no extra dependencies, and the application does not rely on heavy frameworks such as the .NET framework.

You should first download the file onto your computer, and copy the hash provided by the distributor into your clipboard.

File Hash Checker

You can then either drag and drop files onto this executable, or double-click on the application and let it prompt you to select files to validate. The tool then computes the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 signatures of that file and compares them with values in the clipboard. Matching values will be highlighted in Green color, giving you the assurance that the file you downloaded is indeed the file the author made available. This saves you the trouble of visually comparing these cryptic strings.

File Hash Checker

You can copy multiple hash strings into the clipboard and drop multiple files onto this tool.

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