Remap Shortcut Updater


Modify Windows shortcuts.

Remap is a simple application designed to automate the task of re-pointing file and folder shortcuts to a new location.
Shortcuts can become invalid if the targer file, application or folder is moved to a new location or to a different disk drive. When trying to launch a broken shortcut, Windows will display an error showing that the destination is no longer there.

This can happen to your desktop shortcuts, start menu shortcuts, or any other shortcuts you may have defined for your windows applications or documents. While broken shortcuts can be manually edited, Remap automates this process, allowing users to process hundreds of broken shortcuts in a few seconds.
Requirements: Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2013/Windows 2008/Windows 2000.

How to use

The Remap interface is very straightforward.

The main entry is the folder where the shortcuts you need to modify are located. Remap will recursively process the location given, as well as all subfolders nested up to 5 levels down from the initial location.

The other parameters are the "old path", and the "new path". Remap will simply look at the "Target" and "Start in" fields of the shortcut to string matching the text given as "old path". If a match is found, Remap will replace the text in "old path" with the text in "new path", and modify and save the shortcut.

For instance, if the target files were moved from the E:\ to the F:\ drive, simply enter the following:

Remap provides two modes: a "test mode", and an "update mode". Please note that test mode is the default. In test mode, Remap will simply read the shortcuts and tell the user what actions would have been taken with the given parameters. No updates are made.

Once update mode gives the expected results, switch to update mode to actually perform the changes.

The results are given in a text box, and can also be saved as a text file.

If you have questions about this software, please refer to the documentation picture_as_pdf.
You can also review the video demonstrating the use of this software during FindMySoft Editor's Review

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