Universal Character Transliteration


Quickly convert text to or from a variety of different languages and Character sets.


Fully expandable and customizable.

Transliteration is the writing or spelling of words or letters in another alphabet. It is sometimes called romanized phonetic transcription.

This software allows users to quickly convert text to or from a variety of different languages and Character sets. Cyrillic, Armenian; and Japanese Kunrei-Shiki (ISO 3602) hiragana and katakana are included by default, but this software is fully expandable and customizable. Users are encouraged to share their transliteration files with the community.

The Universal Character Transliteration Client is a great freeware tool that can quickly convert text to or from various languages and Characters sets. No need to install this software, download the executable and run it.
This tool is fully portable and does not make any changes to your computer. The translit_Language.txt files must be kept in the same folder as the application. Every time it is started, the application will get a list of all the available language files.

After you run the program, all you will see is the application icon on the right-hand side of your Taskbar. You can either right-click or just click on the icon to display the menu.

How to use

You can click on the language of your choice in order to enable transliteration to and from that character set.

Once the character set is selected, the transliteration is accomplished by selecting text in any document allowing you to edit text (Word, Excel, WordPad, a text edit field on a webpage, etc.) and pressing CTRL+M (hold the CONTROL key and simultaneously press the letter “m”)

The software will automatically detect if non-Latin UNICODE characters are present within the first few characters of the selection. If so, it will assume a UNICODE to Latin transliteration in the selected character set. If not, it will process the reverse Latin to UNICODE for transliteration.

The DEMO version of the software will only process the first 300 characters of your selection. The paid version does not have this limitation.

The transliteration rules are fully customizable and include by default Cyrillic, Armenian; and Japanese Kunrei-Shiki (ISO 3602) Hiragana and Katakana.

The User Interface is in English and French.

If you have questions about this software, please refer to the documentation.

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